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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review of Siren Song By Cat Adams

Celia Graves survived becoming an Abomination. She continues to work as a bodyguard in the same town where she was attacked. The vampire attack awakened a part of Celia that she knew nothing about - she's part Siren. Summoned to the Sirens’ island for reasons unknown, Celia must fight off many enemies if she wants to find out about her heritage.

I thoroughly enjoyed book one in this series, BLOOD SONG, and book two is no different. Just when you think you have Cat Adams’ world figured out, they throw more surprises at you. It seems Sirens have more than the average power. They’re not only able to seduce men and alienate women, but they also have several surprises up their sleeves.

The author has created a paranormal fantasy world that leaves the reader wanting more. Interesting characters, wonderful world-building, and a mythology that gets more interesting with every character they throw into the mix. Many authors try to pull the reader in from the beginning of the story - Cat Adams succeeds.

Fast-paced, twists and turns, excitement galore, SIREN SONG does not disappoint. With this second book, I am even more sure that this will be one of the best series that I will read this year. You never know what is going to happen, but you definitely know that whatever it is it will be exciting and hard to put down.

5 star Gold Award

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Elie said...

great review. I am wondering if they can stand alone or if they should be read in order.

BreiaB said...

I think the story is better when read with book 1.